The Great Friends Podcast
The EOS Blueprint Part II: Transform Your Workflow with Strategic Goal-Setting
The Great Friends Podcast
The EOS Blueprint Part II: Transform Your Workflow with Strategic Goal-Setting

In part two of his engaging conversation on the Great Friends Podcast with host John Wheeler, Aaron Purkeypile delves deeper into the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), focusing on practical tools like the Kolbe assessment and the critical role of "rocks" in strategic planning. Aaron, a seasoned EOS implementer, explains how these tools and concepts help clarify and streamline business operations, ensuring that everyone in the organization aligns with the long-term goals laid out in the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO).

Aaron introduces the concept of the VTO, which asks pivotal questions about a company's core values, focus, and long-term targets, aiming for clarity on what the business wants to achieve and how it plans to serve its customers. He stresses the importance of setting and achieving "rocks"—specific, measurable goals that are revisited every 90 days to ensure they align with the company’s 1, 3, and 10-year plans.

The podcast also explores the dynamics between "Quick Starts" and "High Fact Finders" in a team, emphasizing how different roles contribute uniquely towards the organization’s objectives. Quick Starts are the dreamers and visionaries, while High Fact Finders focus on the details, ensuring thoroughness and precision.

One of the standout features Aaron discusses is the Level 10 meetings, crucial weekly check-ins that are meticulously timed and structured to optimize team performance and accountability. These meetings start with sharing good news to build positive engagement, followed by a scorecard review to track the company's performance against its measurable goals. The session addresses off-track "rocks" and to-do lists, holding team members accountable for their responsibilities, and ends with a rating from each participant to ensure continuous improvement.

Aaron also highlights the significance of well-documented processes, explaining how they prevent excellent employees from underperforming due to poor systems. These processes not only enhance operational efficiency but also establish a consistent customer experience and allow employees to hold each other accountable without ambiguity.

This enlightening discussion offers invaluable insights into how structured systems like EOS can transform businesses by instilling discipline, clarity, and strategic focus, ultimately leading to sustained growth and operational excellence.

Aaron Purkeypile

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Aaron Purkeypile

Aaron Purkeypile is a seasoned EOS Implementer with six years of experience helping companies harness the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to streamline operations and enhance team dynamics. As the visionary CEO at AMPT, Aaron has recently taken the helm to drive innovative leadership and strategic growth. His background includes a significant tenure as Director of Operations at Crossfit Lincoln, where he honed his skills in operational management and team development. Aaron's commitment to fostering frustration-free work environments and promoting core values has established him as a trusted advisor and leader in the entrepreneurial coaching industry.

You'll learn

  • How to leverage the Kolbe assessment for better team dynamics
  • How to apply the VTO (Vision Traction Organizer) for clearer business objectives
  • How to set effective 90-day "rocks" to achieve long-term goals
  • How to distinguish between High Fact Finders and Quick Starts to optimize team roles
  • How to run efficient Level 10 meetings to boost productivity
  • How to use the scorecard system for tracking business performance
  • How to develop and implement business processes that reduce errors and enhance efficiency
  • How to create accountability with clearly defined to-dos and responsibilities
  • How to handle issues systematically to improve operations and employee performance

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    The EOS Blueprint Part II: Transform Your Workflow with Strategic Goal-Setting
    Aaron Purkeypile