The Great Friends Podcast
The EOS Blueprint Part I: Aligning Vision and Values
The Great Friends Podcast
The EOS Blueprint Part I: Aligning Vision and Values

In today's episode of "The Great Friends Podcast," host John Wheeler delves into the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) with expert Aaron Purkeypile, a seasoned EOS implementer. This insightful two-part series, of which this is the first episode, promises to arm listeners with practical tools and knowledge to elevate their business operations using the EOS framework.

Aaron Purkeypile brings an extensive background in business and finance, having been a professor and a CPA before fully committing to EOS implementation across various organizations in the U.S. His approach is hands-on and educational, focusing on accountability and strategic operational enhancements that are tailored to each leadership team's needs.

Listeners can expect a thorough breakdown of EOS concepts such as the "People Analyzer" and the critical roles of "Visionaries" and "Integrators" within a company. Aaron explains these roles are not just job titles but crucial parts of a company's success formula, with the visionary driving ideas and the integrator focusing on execution and operational management.

The discussion between John and Aaron, who have shared a long friendship and professional respect, also covers the importance of aligning a team with the company's core values. This alignment ensures that every team member is not only competent but also a cultural fit, which is crucial for maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

As they unpack these concepts, it's clear that Aaron's expertise in EOS provides a valuable perspective on structuring and scaling businesses effectively. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their business operations and leadership strategies. Stay tuned for the continuation of this rich discussion in next week's episode.

Aaron Purkeypile

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Aaron Purkeypile

Aaron Purkeypile is a seasoned EOS Implementer with six years of experience helping companies harness the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to streamline operations and enhance team dynamics. As the visionary CEO at AMPT, Aaron has recently taken the helm to drive innovative leadership and strategic growth. His background includes a significant tenure as Director of Operations at Crossfit Lincoln, where he honed his skills in operational management and team development. Aaron's commitment to fostering frustration-free work environments and promoting core values has established him as a trusted advisor and leader in the entrepreneurial coaching industry.

You'll learn

  • How to integrate the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) into your med spa for better business operations
  • How to differentiate between a visionary and an integrator in your organization
  • How to use core values to build an intentional culture that drives business growth
  • How to identify the right person for the right seat using the GWC (Get it, Want it, Capacity to do it) method
  • How to use the people analyzer to assess team alignment with core values
  • How to effectively onboard and evaluate new hires based on your core values
  • How to facilitate effective meetings using the EOS model to enhance team performance

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    The EOS Blueprint Part I: Aligning Vision and Values
    Aaron Purkeypile