The Great Friends Podcast
How to Operate at the Highest Level
The Great Friends Podcast
How to Operate at the Highest Level

In the latest episode of the Great Friends Podcast, hosted by John Wheeler, CEO of Alpha Aesthetics Partners, listeners are treated to a masterclass in operational excellence and leadership. This week’s guest is Gary Price, the COO of Alpha Aesthetics Partners, whose extensive experience in the C-suite of major companies like Pilot, Love's Travel Stops, and Corner Bakery, has made him a sage in business operations.

The episode, titled "How to Operate at the Highest Level," dives into the core of what makes an effective leader and how operational excellence can be achieved in any business setting, particularly in the med spa industry. Gary shares invaluable insights drawn from his impressive career, focusing on the practical aspects of daily rituals and strategic planning that contribute to successful outcomes.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of establishing a solid morning and evening routine to enhance efficiency. Gary outlines his 20-20-20 method: 20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of cardio, and 20 minutes dedicated to reading and planning his day. This structured start is not just about physical and mental preparation but serves as a strategic approach to each day, ensuring that he is always operating at peak efficiency.

Gary also emphasizes the cultural dynamics within the C-suite at Alpha, advocating for a team-oriented approach where the relationship between the COO and CEO is synergistic, promoting a unified vision and seamless operation. This philosophy extends to his view on understanding the rules of the game. According to Gary, many people falter not because they aren't capable, but because they lack a deep understanding of the strategic elements of their roles. Once these rules are understood, not only does performance enhance, but individuals begin to enjoy their roles more thoroughly.

Listeners will find Gary's discussion on the Full Focus Planner particularly engaging. He credits this tool as instrumental in his operational success, highlighting how such tools can be leveraged to maintain focus and drive in the fast-paced environment of a med spa.

This episode is not just a learning experience but an inspirational journey into the mind of a top-level executive who has mastered the art of leadership and operational efficiency. For anyone looking to elevate their business practices or enhance their leadership skills, Gary Price’s insights offer a roadmap to success in the competitive world of medical aesthetics and beyond.

Gary Price

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Gary Price

Gary Price is a seasoned executive with a distinguished career in operational leadership, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Alpha Aesthetics Partners. With a rich history in the C-suite, Gary has shaped his expertise through pivotal roles, including COO at Love's Travel Stops and CEO of Corner Bakery. He is celebrated for his strategic acumen and deep understanding of corporate dynamics, particularly in scaling operations and enhancing organizational efficiency. Gary's leadership philosophy emphasizes the significance of understanding the rules of the game, which he believes is crucial for enjoying and excelling in one’s role. His approach to daily rituals and strategic planning is methodical, as demonstrated by his 20-20-20 morning routine, which includes meditation, cardio, and planning. This routine underscores his commitment to personal and professional excellence. Gary holds an influential presence in the business community, continually driving growth and fostering a culture of teamwork and accountability.

You'll learn

  • How to operate at the highest level in business
  • How to establish morning and evening rituals to boost efficiency
  • How to effectively use the Full Focus Planner for better task management
  • How to influence your team's pace and performance through leadership
  • How to cultivate a culture of teamwork within the C-suite
  • How to strengthen the relationship between COO and CEO
  • How to enjoy your role by understanding the rules of the game
  • How to start your day with the 20-20-20 method for productivity and mindfulness


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How to Operate at the Highest Level
Gary Price